Carpet and furniture cleaning

Founded in 1993, PRO-SEC provides dry-cleaning services for carpets and upholstered furniture to residential and commercial customers in the greater Montreal area, Laval and Montreal South and North shores. Relying on its thorough expertise, PRO-SEC specializes in the dry-cleaning of carpets, mats and rugs, upholstered and padded furniture as well as vehicle interiors of all kinds.

PRO-SEC’s qualified technicians use only the best procedures to guarantee optimal results for any residential or commercial cleaning project, including carpets, wall-to-wall carpets, imported and handmade rugs, a wide variety of fabric upholstery (silk, wool, cotton velvet, etc.) and different types of furniture. We also provide cleaning services for any type of car, recreational vehicle or boat.

Our team of professionals uses a 100% biodegradable cleaning solution together with our PRO-SEC cleaning system. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, our product is specially formulated to ensure a safe and intensive cleaning for carpets, delicate fabrics and robust materials. Our three-step cleaning process, done without the use of shampoo, allows faster drying time and prevents the growth of bacteria and germs. Each step is meticulously executed to restore the brightness of your carpets and furniture, preserve their original appearance and ensure durability by preventing their deterioration.

PRO-SEC’s unique and superior product efficiently removes stubborn and deep stains and gets rids of unpleasant odors (tobacco smoke, pet odor, urine, damp smell, etc.). It removes dirt and residues and destroys bacteria, mites and allergens. A special protector can be applied to keep rugs, carpets, fabrics and materials cleaner and looking like new longer. We offer absolutely free pickup and delivery service within a week.

You can rely on the expert services of PRO-SEC for outstanding results

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