An Efficient Maintenance Program

When you invest in the purchase of a carpet, it is very important, and even essential to know that a good preventive maintenance program will help you keep it longer. Such a program is made of frequent dust removal, intermediate cleaning and full cleaning.

Frequent Dust Removal
To efficiently remove dust from a carpet, one must use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush that straightens the carpet fiber. During this step, it is also important to treat localized stains to prevent them from becoming embedded and impossible to remove later on. Generally, we recommend dust removal at least once a week. But please note that a weekly dust removal may not be enough for areas with higher traffic.

Intermediate Cleaning
This is carpet cleaning in strategic zones such as entrances, the mail area or any other place with higher traffic. We recommend such a cleaning on a monthly or half-yearly basis, in order to avoid getting a very soiled carpet, and thus preventing the dirt from becoming deeply embedded.

Full Cleaning
The full carpet cleaning is made of a dust removal and a cleaning of the fiber. Such a cleaning allows the carpet to retain its original appearance, and also makes sure that the fiber remains completely free of any dirt.

You can see in the diagram below the relationship between a preventive maintenance program and a corrective cleaning. The most common mistake when installing a new carpet is the failure to implement such a program. This is also one of the factors that significantly reduces the initial lifetime of the carpet, which drops from +/-20 years to about 12 years.

prog entretien

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